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YUM - Bubblegum Topical Anaesthetic

YUM - Bubblegum Topical Anaesthetic

It’s rare to find a product that a dental practice uses every day on nearly every patient. We all use topical numbing gel alot in our practices. So, we now have a great gel that works fast and tastes great, so we can get on with our treatment.

YUM Bubblegum Topical Anaesthetic gel stays in place and enhances the patient experience with its great smell, taste and fast numbing sensation.

It tastes great, works fast and practices love it!

Acumen Dental Advisory

Practice advice, consulting and coaching. DIY practice projects with step by step instructions easy to do in your practice by your team without the expense or the fuss. Interested contact us today!

Dental Prescribing and Dispensing made easy!

Did you know that for over 30 years now dentists have been legally able to prescribe the appropriate treatment and dispense this to a patient under their care completely. We initially started the program in our family practice and refined the protocols so you and your team can now do this easily.

This is a wonderful service your practice can offer today – we’ll teach you how.

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