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Our Vision

To leave dentistry better than we found it. For family dental practices to be more, do more and have more. More satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. To share what we have found that works and improves the lives of dental teams and patients.

Our Mission

To focus on specific improvements that make a big difference. Improving the dental experience of patients. We do this by assisting dentists to prescribe and dispense the right products and services for tailored care. Innovating world leading products that improve practice productivity and patient care.

Our History

Since 1991 we have been passionate about our family dental practice, our team and the patients. We keep asking “what can we do better?”, improving and documenting the best ways to deliver dental care. We help other family dental practices with prescribing and dispensing as well as great products.

Who is
Acumen Dental?

Acumen Dental makes dental dispensing easy!

Yes, you can dispense in your own practice.
Stop sending scripts down to the pharmacy.
For decades dentists have been able to legally dispense to a patient under their care.
We do this in our family practice, refined the steps so you and your team can too. Practices like us, create great experiences for their patients.
Dental dispensing is a wonderful service your practice can offer today – we’ll teach you how.
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The secret of successful Dental Prescribing and Dispensing is Item Number 927. Join and find out why! 
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